Chris and Joe's Rustic Autumnal Barn, Wyresdale Park Wedding

I don't like to play favourites, but I think this might have been one of my favourite weddings from last year. Chris and Joe's Wyresdale Park wedding, with rustic barn vibes and a couple of nods to different personal themes. This was a really unique, autumnal wedding.

I know I'm rubbish at blogging, but with a bit of extra time on my hands I decided to get better at it, so you can all have a nosy and get some well needed inspiration. Without wanting to get too much into the C-word, lots of couples are postponing their spring weddings into Autumn, which obviously changes the theme you originally planned! I'm here to show you how beautiful autumn weddings are, and how you can make it your own, just like these two did.

Chris and Joe both live in London, and decided to come back up North to their roots, for a big barn wedding in the countryside. Wyresdale park in Scorton is the perfect barn wedding venue - huge beautiful estate, light and airy barn, and gorgeous lake with row boat to use on your wedding day. They opted for a November wedding, Wyresdale was full of autumn colours, and orange leaves lined the estate. Lots of this wedding was DIY gloriousness, Chris' mum made the bouquets, button holes and bridesmaid corsages/headbands, out of pine cones and acorns she'd collected. They were really beautiful and unique, and fit the autumn wedding vibes perfectly. The Harry Potter themed table plan and table names were also done by the grooms and family, and were a great nod to a theme they both love, without going overboard.

When I met with Chris and Joe, they'd discussed that they were both going to be walking down the aisle together, so weren't fussed about being completely separate on the morning. I suggested having a research of doing a first look, where the couple meet before the ceremony privately, have a few pictures before the ceremony and a little bit of time together to ease any nerves. This worked amazingly - not only was it a special moment for them both before they walked down the aisle, but we got a lot of portraits done before the ceremony too. Timings are key for winter weddings, as these two had a first look, we managed to get a lot of portraits done before the ceremony, leaving more time after for their group shots. If you are having an autumn/winter wedding, I would suggest a 2pm ceremony at the latest, to give your photographer time to get all your portraits and group shots before it gets too dark. I love the barn at Wyresdale for rustic barn wedding ceremonies, it's nice and bright and airy, but you still get that rustic feel. The ceremony was really emotional, and a joy to witness.

After the ceremony and confetti throw, Chris' accapella group The Buzztones (who I would ABSOLUTELY recommend) provided entertainment, and a surprise Queen medley for Joe. They had Wyresdale set out with long trestle tables, had sharing antipasti as starters, and pizza from a Piaggio as the main meal. Lytham Fizz provided the most amazing bespoke cocktails, and a hot cinnamon and apple (alcohol free) beverage, that I had about 27 of. Divalution provided the evening entertainment, instead of having a first dance, which was AMAZING! If you're getting married, its definitely a good thing to have lots of musical friends.

I love the images from this wedding, and I really thing that rustic, warm, autumnal weddings work perfectly with my style. So if you're having an autumn wedding, or a barn wedding, and need some inspiration of how to embrace that and get some personal touches in, have a nosy below! Happy planning xx