Covid-19 and Wedding Planning

I think the cover and heading image for this blog perfectly illustrates how wedding suppliers, and couples due to marry are feeling right now. There's a lot of information about, loads of confusing posts in wedding groups and mostly, a lot of bad advice. You could spend all day consuming corona and your wedding content, and leave none the wiser about what you should do, and I'm sure it feels like a black hole of despair that you don't to think about, but know you have to at some point.

I'm here and writing this to try and cut the bullshit a little bit. I'm no expert, but very few people ordering people what to do are, and that is the KEY thing to remember whilst going through all this. We ALL have access to the same facts and same information, no member of the general public has the all knowing key to when weddings will happen - so no one should be demanding that you postpone your wedding, or vice versa, that's a decision for your and your partner, and not one that I will try and persuade you on either.

I can't tell you when weddings will be happening, sadly no one has the answers to that. Personally, I think weddings will happen at some point this year, but that's just my opinion... What I can help you with is the postponing process, how you should approach that.

How do I postpone my wedding?

First, get your house stocked with some gin or booze, or takeaway menu of choice for your post postponement celebration. It's really disappointing, and naturally upsetting to have to postpone your wedding, but if you have made that decision, then it is for the best. Your wedding WILL still happen, it will still be amazing, even better than planned, and absolutely worth the wait.

Open a conversation with your suppliers. If you haven't decided that you want to postpone yet, but you want to assess your options or just get some advice, talk to your suppliers. We all want to support you as best we can, and naturally all want to be available for your new date!

If you have decided, in the first instance you should contact your VENUE and your PRIORITY SUPPLIERS. The suppliers that you absolutely cannot imagine your wedding without. People have different priorities for weddings, so this initial list will be different for everyone. Ask your priority suppliers for their availability spanning a couple of months. The best thing to do is not get your heart set on a certain date or month, think instead about seasons - if you really want a spring wedding for example, then ask for your suppliers to let you know their availability for March, April and May. This gives you more scope when you cross check with the venue.

Be prepared that you may have to compromise. If your wedding is a Saturday in the middle of August, and you're only wanting the equivalent date next year, you may have to prepare yourself that this might not be possible. Venues and your suppliers will have been taking bookings for 2021 as early as 12-18 months ago, whilst postponements are a massive priority for us, we also have other clients booked in that we cannot move. When you ask for your suppliers availability, it may become obvious that you might have to consider Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. I know that this may be a blow - but remember that the most important thing is that you get married. Your guests will understand the situation you've been put in, and will not begrudge you having a weekday wedding and having to take one or two days off work. Looaaaaddsss of my weddings last year were Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays as their first choice! You can make a whole weekend out of celebrations with these days, with a few weekend events leading up to your Sunday wedding, or a few wind down events after your Thursday/Friday wedding.

When it comes to postponing with me - there is no cost. I made that decision at the start of all of this. Original quotes are honoured and your booking fee that you've already paid is transferred to your new date. Not every supplier may be adopting the same policy, if you want to transfer to a peak date for example, some suppliers may be charging an extra fee for this. Whilst it's not something I've adopted myself, as long as the fee is reasonable and the supplier is being fair, (Ie not charging you double) it's not something I disagree with. Not all businesses have the same financial situations, and it is a blow for us to move 2020 business into 2021, so some may need to compensate for that. Naturally it's not your fault that you have to postpone your wedding, but it isn't your suppliers fault either!

Just keep your suppliers in the loop - if you want us at your wedding, keep us involved in the conversation. That's the best advice I can give! Don't think that you're pestering us or annoying us, we want to help you and we want to be at your new and improved wedding. I'd much rather a full inbox than having to lose any of you.

If you haven't postponed yet, you also have the bonus of your suppliers and venue now knowing the protocol. When postponements first happened, it was a little confusing knowing what to do from a supplier perspective, and it was a very lengthy and difficult for some of my couples who had to fight on some of their suppliers being difficult and unfair with them. All of them have now got sorted with new dates, so I do think that was due to the shock of the situation and the wedding industry not knowing what to do. Some of my postponements have taken a few weeks, and best case they've taken a couple of days. Don't get disheartened if it's not happening as quickly as you'd like! We're all pros at postponements now, so this should be a much easier journey for you.

Hopefully, that's cleared up the process a little for you and made the postponing process a little bit more manageable. I want to support you as much as I can, but I also want my socials to be a positive place for my couples. So, whilst I may not be posting about postponements and covid-19 all the time, it is on my mind and there's a lot going on behind the scenes. Rest assured that I am taking everything seriously, staying in as much as poss (hope you are too!), but I won't be overwhelming my website and instagram with corona updates.

Stay safe, keep planning, don't lose hope, and remember your suppliers are here for you when you need us.

Esme xx