Beth and Fergus

Beth and Fergus' wedding story is certainly a rollercoaster. The night before we all thought it would be off, but by a small miracle, it went ahead, and snowed throughout the ceremony. It was just incredible, and I still can't believe it actually happened! Just 6 guests at beautiful Clitheroe wedding venue, Eaves Hall, it was certainly a highlight of 2020

Beth and Fergus were originally planning a large wedding at Eaves Hall, on New Years Eve 2020. They both have loads of friends, family, and work friends, so it was going to be quite a big affair and party! When the restrictions first came into place in March, we all thought their wedding wouldn't ever be effected. As it came closer and closer, Beth said "we'll go ahead with 30." Then "it's fine, we'll go ahead with 15, we just want to get married." Then, the day before their wedding, a new government announcement, and a whole new set of restrictions. We all thought that it wouldn't now be able to go ahead, I texted Beth and said if you want to do a shoot in your outfits with your flowers, I'm down. Beth rang me back and said I rang the registry office, and they said it can go ahead with 6! Fergus said lets do it, and so they did. When the announcement came, Fergus was already at the venue with the lads, getting ready to get married in the morning, and Beth at her parents! There was no way they were postponing, so they went for it, and I'm so glad they did, cause this was just so beautiful.

Beth got ready at her parents, with her sister. She had the amazing Danielle Wallis on hair duties, and Makeup with Paris on makeup - both the girls did an amazing job, and Beth and her sister looked beautiful. On the way up to prep, it was snowing on the way, and I thought how amazing if it sticks! It didn't look like it was going to... but I held out a little hope. It was a really relaxed morning, with Beth's dad making brews and cracking jokes. Once hair and makeup was done, they headed up to the venue to get changed in the bridal suite. When we arrived at Eaves, it was like a winter wonderland, with a little powdering of snow all over the amazing grounds - it looked so beautiful! Beth's sister and her mum helped her into her dress, a really simple and chic Pronovias gown from Eternity Bridalwear. Beth looked incredible and it was perfect for her! She also had the most amazing winter bouquet from Time For Flowers, filled with green foliage and deep reds. Fergus seemed a little nervous before the ceremony, but all those nerves seemed to disappear when he saw Beth walk down the aisle. The room they married in at Eaves Hall was gorgeous - beautiful windows behind us filling the room with light, and it was decorated with floral plinths. As the ceremony was happening, it started snowing again, which was a really gorgeous moment. Beth's sister was on zoom duty, and streamed the ceremony to their friends and family that couldn't come. Although the restrictions meant they couldn't have a meal or drinks, the venue allowed them to have speeches! So Fergus, Beth's dad, and Fergus' best men all made speeches in the billiard room. It was a really lovely touch, and meant they could all be together and celebrate for that bit longer, and reminisce on their relationship together. They also had a video montage from their friends and family, with well wishes and funny stories. These are definitely a must for these smaller weddings, and are such a personal and emotional touch! After the speeches, we obviously went out in that snow for portraits! It was perfect golden hour light, so we quickly got some group images, and then lots of super romantic images of Beth and Fergus. Adam Apple confetti provided their iconic snowfetti, so whilst the snow had actually stopped falling when we got outside, it didn't look like it had in pictures. They were both absolutely freezing... but I think it was totally worth it. When we were finished taking pictures, Beth, Fergus and their guests all warmed up by the fire, and shared a cheeseboard wedding cake from Church Mouse Cheeses. Whilst Beth and Fergus' wedding had the tightest restrictions of any weddings I shot last year, nothing took away from how special it was. Planning this wedding really was an endurance test, especially when we thought we'd fallen at the final hurdle with it being off the day before! But really, I don't think it could've been more perfect, or more magical, everything on the day just seemed to align to what they both wanted. It was perfect, and a perfect way to see out the year.