My engagement, or pre wedding shoots are something that's really important to me, which is why they're a complimentary part of my full day wedding package. They're the perfect opportunity for us to meet each other, for you to get a feel for how I work, and for me to learn more about you both. Engagement shoots give you an opportunity to have a practice run for the wedding day, I'll pose you and guide you through a session, and how it'll work on the big day, hopefully eliminating any nerves when you realise it's not quite so bad!

Nobody likes being in front of the camera, in fact most of the couples above started their session with "we are so awkward you'll never get a good picture of us, we won't look anything like the couples on your Instagram!". They always end up absolutely fine, and loving their images. The engagement shoot is the BEST way to ease yourselves into having your photograph taken, so you are pros on your wedding day.

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