Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Shock horror, I photographed something that wasn't a wedding! This is Emma, Billy, and Florence's lifestyle newborn session. Although it's a bit different to the bulk of my work, I truly adored every second. If you've followed me for a little while, you might think I'm new to baby photography, however it's actually how I got started. I worked in a family studio (you know the type with the white backgrounds, forced fun and just mega cringe) and we did a lot of newborn sessions. With the babies swaddled up, on some sort of suspect fur blanket, sometimes naked and in odd looking positions - they just weren't for me. At the time, I loved the images, but as I left the studio and started freelancing, and found more natural styles I loved these SOOO much more. Plus the posed sessions took HOURS, the studio had to be a million degrees and they were high pressure, genuinely I never stopped sweating throughout them. When Emma and Billy got in touch, I knew I wanted to do a totally natural session for them, that captured them as a new family, and not the posed shit I did before. Nothing against the posed sessions obviously, when done well they're lovely, just not for me really, and I prefer to photograph moments and emotion rather than poses.

Natural Newborn photography session. Lifestyle Newborn session Manchester by Esme Whiteside Photography

Emma and Billy were one of my wedding couples from last year, I have a blog on their beautiful wedding at Eden Barn actually, which you can read here. Less than a year later, they introduced Florence Esme Poulter their family, and became parents for the first time (all in lock down too!). I was so excited and felt so privileged when they reached out to ask me to photograph Florence, and knowing them both, I knew a lifestyle type session would be way more up their street than the poses. It was an amazing way to celebrate their first anniversary, and Florence was 4 weeks old, so just at the right age for a newborn session (I recommend 1 week - 6 weeks for lifestyle newborns). The natural images of them interacting with their new daughter, and doing the regular things they do within a day, and documenting them as parents, I really think is so valuable, and will invoke so many memories in the years to come.

Newborn photography in Manchester. Natural non traditional photography style
Newborn photography in the Lake District. Natural and unobtrusive lifestyle photography

We had the session at Emma's parents house, which had a kitchen/conservatory with loads of lovely light pouring in. Whilst as a photographer it's always amazing to work with well lit surroundings, for lifestyle sessions it's absolutely not necessary to have to choose somewhere that isn't your own home. The key with these types of sessions is you all being relaxed and comfortable, so home is definitely best, or a home (parents or in-laws) you spend a lot of time in if you think light might really be an issue! Florence was fast asleep when I arrived, so Emma got set at changing her, which is where we started the session. I just documented an hour in their new lives, with their new dynamic. Some cuddly shots, rocking Florence, interacting with her as she made new and different expressions, and parent duties like feeding and nappy changing (lol). It might seem a little strange having your normal day to day parent jobs being photographed - but at some point you'll come to your last nappy change, or your last feed, and that's when these images will bring all those feelings flooding back.

Lake District Newborn Photographer. Natural Lifestyle Family Photography

I wanted the session to be as unobtrusive as possible, and just let them relax into it. Having that relationship from their pre shoot and their wedding really helped, as we knew each other, rather than just having a random in your house and introducing them to your new baby! It was beautiful to witness them as new parents, and chat to them about how life has changed since the wedding. Florence was amazingly behaved, no major incidents and just a few little tears, which I think make memorable images anyway. I really loved this session, and I'm so in love with the images! Most of all I'm really honoured to have documented such a milestone in Emma and Billy's lives.

If natural, non cringe, non traditional, and mega relaxed sounds like the type of newborn images you'd like - then I think a lifestyle session could be you!