Legacy Workshop

Back in October, I had the opportunity to attend Legacy Workshop in France, hosted by Muse + Mirror - inspiring and poetic photographers. I didn't really know what to expect going in, I've never attended a workshop abroad, let alone a 4 day immersive creative retreat, but it truly ended up being food for the soul. When you make photography your full time pursuit, it becomes rare that you get to shoot entirely for yourself. Even in hosting styled shoots, there's an element where you have to deliver for suppliers, and even that pressure can stifle the creativity and playfulness of just shooting for you. It's so important to experiment, to realise who you are and what you want to create, over and over again, and never losing the essence of what you do and why you do it. Legacy really was that for me, an invigorating and inspiring retreat, where I could really relax into just shooting for myself and becoming my most creative self again. Over the 4 days, not only were there 6 shoots, each with it's own concept and styling, with the backdrop of the Chateau, but also 6 talks from international photographers from different backgrounds and perspectives, which were just as valuable and insightful as the shooting time.

I loved every second, although being in a social setting of 30+ people for the first time since I was at University, really made me realise how much of an introvert I am at heart and how much that goes away when I'm working weddings. Thank you to Muse and Mirror for this beautiful experience, to all of the speakers, the suppliers involved behind the scenes and to my roomie Becy (Belle Art Photography) and the Caryls for letting me share your ride!

Below is the gallery and results of what 4 days in a French Chateau, surrounded by talented creatives and beautiful concepts yields. Already I'm longing for more.

Workshop Hosts - Muse + Mirror (Legacy Workshop)

Venue - Chateau de Mairy

Florals - Heidi Gold Weddings

Styling - One Fine Day

Dresses - My Wood Nymph Atelier and Atelier Des Modistes

Hair + Makeup - Laila Alsane

Jewelry + Accessories - Dandelion Design + Denise Heffernan Jewelry

Stationery - Anne Taylor Studio + Rosenblau Kalligraphie

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