35mm Film Photography

For the nostalgics - my new venture into vintage style film photography has been illuminating and transformative. The process of shooting film is exciting and nerve wracking in equal measures - nothing can quite replicate the grainy, timeless and dreamy feel of 35mm film, and no feeling can compare to the unknown of how your images will look, or how the film will develop. It is it's own beautiful journey. 35mm is back to the roots of photography - no digital element. The images are developed in a dark room, then digitally scanned - you get all the imperfections and inflections of light and colour, with all the dreamy grain and shadow of film. It's very different to digital photography, and the images are very minutely digitally manipulated, meaning you get a vintage style, true to life feel.

35mm film can be added to your full day, or micro package at £400 for a mixture of black and white and colour film across 4 rolls - approximately 80-100 shots, across the day to add to your story.