Betti + Af

An elopement on the epic Isle of Skye, with Betti and Af. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop run by Becy at Belle Art Photography, on Skye, somewhere I've always wanted to visit. I don't believe that anyone is too good to stop learning, which is why workshops will always be integral to my business - to be a master of your craft you always have to keep learning and refining what you do - experiencing new places and broadening your perspectives. That's exactly what this trip was for me.

Skye is one of the Hebridean islands in Northern Scotland, where you can legally elope anywhere outdoors, meaning you can have a true adventure in the incredible, rugged landscape. Betti and Af were incredible models, happy to share their connection and be vulnerable in front of the camera, even faced with freezing temperatures, bitter wind, and rain that soaked them to the bone. It is Scotland in winter after all, what more could you expect.

The day started at Tulach Ard House in South Skye, with the intimate and romantic bath vignette. A steamy and dreamy setting, imagine a wedding morning with a couple deciding to unwind together before embarking on a hectic day - with Af in the bubbles and Betti beside him, contemplating the adventure they're about to take on. I think these are my favourite images, the mystery and beautiful backlighting as well as the atmospheric and romantic feel, it's everything I want my work to show. Then onto vow writing separately, again utilising some beautiful window light in this gorgeous little house, and a first look on the shores of the beach outside, overlooked by the mountains.

We then headed out for their ceremony, and this is where the wild elements really set in. As we drove down to the castle ruins, the wind and the rain picked up, and we knew we were in for a battle with the weather. Betti + Af had a ceremony in front of the castle ruins, in the relentless rain, getting soaked to their skin. Then we did some fast paced epic portraits atop the cliffs, with the wind and rain creating some incredible atmosphere. Bad weather is often a worry - but I really do think it adds a beautiful and romantic element to images, you've just got to trust the process. When it comes to bad weather, it couldn't really get worse than this, but Betti and Af were absolute troopers, and we managed to create some really intimate and raw imagery of them.

Skye really is a place like no other, and what an experience for us all. If you're planning something small, adventurous, secret, or runaway style, Scotland really should be top of your list for elopements, it's awe inspiring and beautiful in equal measure. You can really escape and create a wedding that completely reflects you both, and enjoy some time to soak in the whole experience. This was an unforgettable trip for me, and these images will stay with me for a long time,

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