Jay + Sam

Another elopement style shoot - this time an incredibly rainy and wild day on the beach. When planning this, I had balmy, relaxed styled elopement in mind. Think destination wedding vibes, however Blackpool beach had other plans and provided us with pretty much a monsoon. Whilst golden tones and was what I originally had in mind, we decided to roll with it and create and adventurous, wild rainy wedding inspiration, we do live in the UK and you never can be sure of the weather after all. Contrary to popular belief, shooting in hot, harsh sunlight is actually a photographers worst nightmare, and most of us long for more overcast days. Personally, I'd rather shoot in rain and wind than harsh sun, as I love that raw, intimate and atmospheric vibe that bad weather brings. The boys were the perfect models - more than happy to run, dance, and pose in the rain, and let themselves truly get soaked. I'm obsessed with what we shot, whilst I do love working in the rain, it's generally a little more of a hectic and frantic shoot, to save everyone from getting more wet than absolutely necessary. What we did get in the strong winds and heavy rain, really speaks to me and shows a beautiful romance between Jay + Sam. After running around near the shore, we decided to wait it out and see if the rain subsided, so we could create in a little slower environment. Finally... the rain did stop, and we got the most incredible golden hour. The light just soaks through and gives a beautiful glow - every photographers favourite light. Proof that if you are faced with rain, or bad weather, it can still be incredible.

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