Lake District Elopement

When I planned this elopement shoot, for another edition of my workshops to teach other photographers, I must admit that I wasn't planning on snow in spring. But that's what happened, and we just had the perfect conditions to be able to get some incredible, snowy shots, whilst still being able to get to the mountain location! Just a bit more snow, and there's no way we'd have been able to drive to this place, which is undoubtedly my favourite spot in the Lake District.

I wanted something really bohemian for this shoot, so got Bek from Jean Jackson Couture, arguably the bridal queen of boho, to get involved. Of course she pulled the iconic Avril dress by Rue De Seine for Jeannie, and styed Matty in some camel corduroy, and in the snow it looked like an elopement in the Rockies. I also wanted a hint of stylish elegance, which my favourite florist Emma Cox provided in the white and berry toned wintery bouquet.

When I run these workshops, the focus is on building a narrative. So we started in Ambleside with some prep - both Jeannie and Matty writing vows, using the light in the room, and getting ready together. I always love prep, it offers some time to really intentionally and authentically create in a way that feels intimate and vulnerable, and I love these images, especially of Jeannie with her faux champagne! Then we headed out into the mountains, for the Lake District elopement portion. Up in the mountains, over looking the tarn, they shared some vows and we battled the snow and harsh light to create some adventurous, raw portraits. I brought my film camera again to this shoot, and shot on it as I would a real elopement. If I'd only had the film, and no digital, I think these images alone would tell the story and show the narrative of the day, and I adore this set from the 35mm perspective.

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