Alyssa + Louise

This shoot session was actually part of Photography Farm's Thrive event in London. Thrive is an immersive conference, run by Lisa Devlin, who invites photographers from around the world to share their knowledge via their day one talks, and their shooting techniques with the day two shoots. I was lucky enough to be chosen by Lisa to be one of the speakers, and this was my concept for the day 2 shoot in London.

Cities aren't always my forte, I can feel a little constrained in them, so I wanted to go out of my comfort zone, and put together an incredibly slick and stylish elopement concept. I found Alyssa + Louise on Tik Tok, when I saw their loved up videos about buying each other flowers and taking each other out for dinner, I knew they'd be perfect, and thankfully they said yes to getting involved. My method when photographing couples, isn't to go in with any pre conceived notion of what I personally want from the session, it's all about working with their vibe and energy to create images that feel authentic - even when it's a shoot and not a real wedding, they're still a real couple with a real story to tell, there's still energy and love there, even if it isn't their real wedding day, and that's what I aim to capture.

I worked closely with both of the girls, and with the imitable Beck from Jean Jackson couture, to curate these beautiful, inspired outfits. Louise is wearing a custom Jean Jackson corset and skirt, custom hat with fishnet veil, and her own cherry red pumps and socks. Alyssa usually wears clothes that are more oversized and masculine leaning, so that's what we went for here, with black wideleg trousers, oversized blazer, velvet corset underneath and a baker boy hat. I loved the monochromatic look with a pop of red for each of them. Jess and the girls at Rebel Rebel had a completely free brief when it came to the bouquet, I just wanted something fresh and modern - and that's exactly what they delivered. A playful and textured bouquet that gave all the London vibes.

We started the sessions at the Hoxton Holborn, I always want to weave intimacy and romance through my storytelling, so wanted to create a narrative of a post wedding run around London - stopping at wine bars, feeling like the world has stopped in the middle of the city, whilst adding a little grunge with cigarette breaks and dingy side streets, to contrast with the beauty of the dancing and romance and slow shutter blur. I absolutely loved shooting this London elopement love story, and can't wait to be back in London next week to photograph a London love story, for real this time.

Workshop - Photography Farm

Styling + Outfits - Jean Jackson Couture

Florals - Rebel Rebel

Hair - Big Hair Energy

Makeup - Jaz Crush Artistry

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