Mariam + Kevin

It's rare that wedding season starts in January, but this year I've been lucky enough to capture two beautiful, tiny weddings, and all before the 1st Feb. Mariam and Kevin's micro wedding is how I started the year, and it was exceptionally beautiful, and the perfect way to get 2024 started.

Mariam + Kevin went small, with under 20 guests, mainly being Mariam's family. They chose the beautiful and grand Clifton Park museum as the setting for their ceremony, a space very familiar to Mariam and her family, who used to visit when she was younger. Kevin opted for the ever classic black tie attire, and Mariam in a gorgeous beaded wedding gown, with dramatic sleeves, accessorised with a blusher veil. Their ceremony was short and sweet, but emotional and touching at the same time, after which we did some family photos, but what the day was really about, was focusing on getting some intimate, romantic shots of them as a couple together. Despite January is known for it's dreary, miserable days, this was anything but, with the light diffusing softly and creating almost a golden hour in the middle of the day. It was just gorgeous, and so easy to work with these two to get those real moments of intimacy and vulnerability.

A beautiful way to start the year, with this couple and their family as they start their new life together.

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