The city I love the most. on 35mm film and digital, film first in the gallery below.

Glen and Tom were a couple I clicked with instantly when I met them, and I knew I needed to do something really special for their shoot. We started at the beautiful Leven hotel in Manchester, in the heart of the gay village. We did some vow writing and getting ready together shots, before heading straight down Canal Street, a favourite spot for all of us. We used this as a backdrop, then headed into G-A-Y to get some party style reception images, using flash and the dancefloor to get a really night time vibe!

I wanted to explore the city for this shoot, and really get some variety across the images to show how varied and different Manchester is throughout the different locations, so after some partying, we headed to the Art Gallery. Here we created some more cinematic, serene style portraits, using the incredible paintings as a backdrop. As a Fine Art graduate myself, it really was a treat to get a few shots in here. Then we finally went across to the Cathedral Square arches, and used these as a backdrop for some chic city, urban elopement style ceremony shots. The boys shared the vows they wrote that morning, a quick ring exchange and first kiss.

A really beautiful little run around my favourite city, as some creative respite before the real wedding season kicks in!

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