Ross + Michael

This shoot session was actually part of Photography Farm's Thrive event in Scotland. Thrive is an immersive conference, run by Lisa Devlin, who invites photographers from around the world to share their knowledge via their day one talks, and their shooting techniques with the day two shoots. I was lucky enough to be chosen by Lisa to be one of the speakers, and this was my concept for the day 2 shoot in Scotland

I was SO excited to create a concept for the beautiful Dunglass Estate. I was really inspired by the mood and atmosphere of the Scottish weather, and the gothic ruins of the chapel in the grounds. I found Ross + Michael through Aetla, the jewellery store in Edinburgh that Ross works for, and was elated when they agreed to be a part of the shoot. I specifically wanted a couple that would be really comfortable in creating something gender non-conforming, and really shake the wedding industry up. Ross + Michael were perfect for this, and had a lot of involvement in the outfits and styling. Michael sent me lots of inspiration from Harry Styles shoots, Teddy boy vibes, and mixing up masculine with feminine. For Michael, we opted for a leopard print wool jacket, a flowy vintage Christian Dior blouse sourced by Beck from Jean Jackson Couture, a custom corset also by beck, and a fun and frothy underskit, with fishnets and leopard print loafers. Whilst Michael had all the fun - we wanted Ross to have something a little more simple, but never boring. We went for wide leg black trousers, a tulle sheer blouse paired with a long bow tie and black blazer. Both of them just looked incredible and I was so proud of how they both absolutely nailed their outfits. My ever muse Emma Cox created the perfect bouquet for them, with toffee roses, dried grasses, and hanging spanish moss. It was non traditional bridal, but so editorial.

For the session, I wanted to go with the boys energy, which was very much moody and editorial, I could tell that's how they liked to present themselves, and ran with it. We used the ruined chapel and played with the beautiful light to create some really gothic imagery - I love positioning queer couples in spaces that traditionally they wouldn't have been allowed, it feels so empowering and beautiful to use these spaces. We went for a walk round the estate and found these gorgeous golden long grasses which were just screaming to be ran through - I wanted to create something really cinematic here, slow shutter, focusing on the movement of the grass and their outfits. In the last session, Lisa surprised me with some OWLS! Although Ross was absolutely terrified, the little birds really added to that mysterious moody atmosphere and finished off the day in the best way.

I loved creating this Scottish Elopement inspiration, for any non conforming couples looking to create a wedding that aligns with who they are, and not the wedding industry ideals.

Workshop - Photography Farm

Styling + Outfits - Jean Jackson Couture

Florals - Emma Cox Floristry

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