Scotland on 35mm

If you've already been to my main portfolio page, then you have probably already seen Callum + Eve's elopement shoot in Glencoe, and the workshop on Skye with Betti + Af. Those pages feature the digital work I shot over the few days, whereas here features the film shots I took. Glencoe and Skye were both incredible, and it was exhilarating to be shooting film in such vast, epic and adventurous landscapes. It was my first real experience at jumping right in with film and trying to get through a couple of rolls, not worry too much about the shutter count and just shoot to enjoy it. I did manage to let go a little, and shoot for the enjoyment of it, whilst still practicing my techniques and learning what works for me film wise. I love these shots, and they're some of what I'd consider my first successful 'bodies' of work on film, rather than just a few shots here and there. My first attempt at story telling with film, which already has grown and developed further - a mixture of the shoots and some personal images from my time up in the highlands below.

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