Wedding Albums

Albums are the perfect way to display your wedding photography. Since investing in a few different sample albums, with different paper and cover types, I've completely fallen in love with them. As a wedding photographer, it is one of our favourite ever experiences seeing our images in print. This is how they're supposed to be displayed, and one of the best ways to preserve them. Printing professional images can be a little bit of a minefield, as a photographers style and grading is naturally different from say, an iPhone image, it can be difficult to get them printed which shows them in their full glory. If you are printing your images yourself, then you want to use a reputable printing company with a high quality printer, to get the images to look how they do on your screen. This exact reason is why I offer albums from professional labs for my clients, so you don't have to worry about printing or quality. However if you do want to print yourself, I can recommend some off the high street printers.

I have 3 albums that I offer, it's taken me a really long time and quite a lot of sample albums, to find products that I absolutely adore and would want for myself. They are all from professional printing labs, especially for photographers, and have a range of covers and papers available. As well as the album, when you buy one of these from me, it comes with a full design service. All you have to do is make a list of your favourite images in your gallery, I then use those images to design the album, which I proof with you, and you can change if necessary. Depending on the amount of spreads you're going for in your album, between 50-100 pictures at the maximum is a good amount.

When designing your album, I try to continue the flow of the story telling photography. So I keep the images in order, starting with prep and finishing with dance floor shots, or a hero couples image. I like using the layflat quality of my albums, and printing right across the fold, so I can design with your favourite images to be across full spreads, or front and centre of a double spread with other images surrounding. When choosing your images, you'll want a few from every part of the day to keep the album consistent. So you could go with a spread for one partners prep, another spread for the other partners prep, a couple of ceremony spreads, so on so forth. When designing albums it does become naturally obvious which images suit being in and which don't! Make sure all your favourite images are in there - the ones you think about when you don't have your gallery in front of you, and you want to make sure all your significant people are in there, as well as a few detail shots to remember the day.

Photo Album Exclusive

The album above is the first sample I'll talk you through. This is my photo album Exclusive. The sample is a 10x10 (inches.) which is my standard album size. It has a velvet pink cover, with embossed lettering on the front. The pages are Fuji silk. So these are quite rigid pages with a little bit of a metallic sheen, you can see in the images the slight shine coming off them in the natural sunlight. I love this album - there are SO many cover options - velvet, linen, leatherlike, in so many colours, the personalisation aspect of these is amazing. You can also choose your font for the lettering on the front, which is a really nice touch. As with all my albums, these are layflat, so you can print across the fold and it look natural. Below is the same album, but in a leatherlike cover, different font on the front, and eggshell mohawk pages. The pages here are semi matte. So you don't get the shine on them and you get a 'deeper' print. The blacks are much blacker and the paper almost soft to the touch. As the pages aren't quite as rigid in these, the layflat aspect is more seamless. These albums come in three size options, 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12. Standard spread is 10, however more can be added. Parent duplicate albums are also available.

Musuem Grade Artbook

These are my luxury albums. They are top of the range for albums, and I'm OBSESSED with them. The Exclusive albums are beautiful, and do have more options for personalisation, but the print quality on the artbook is really just stunning. My sample below is 12x12 (so it really is big!) and as the exclusive, they come in 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12. They come in one paper type - matte. The paper is soft to the touch, museum archival quality grade, and these albums are to be handled with the gloves provided (so extra!!). The cover options are - silk, velvet, linen and leather like, with many colours to choose from. They are layflat, and they are truly seamless with how the fold sits - totally beautiful. I do also offer a more affordable version of the artbook from this supplier, called the Prima Book. However at the time of writing, this album is brand new so don't have any of my own images just yet. These are much more limited than the art book, but the print quality is gorgeous, and for the price, are a steal. They come in flores touch fabric cover (kind of like velvet) and digital silk pages (slightly glossy).

I hope that's answered some of your album questions! If you order an album through me, it really is an easy process - the hardest part is narrowing down your favourite images hahaha. If you are making your own or printing your own images, do ask me or your photographer for reputable printers, we always want our images to look their best! If you'd like the prices for my albums - you know where to find me! Xx